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Paradigm Shift: The Future is NOT Now

22 December 2012 One Comment

Thirty years ago we were introduced to the great scam called trickle-down economics.  The rich got richer, but instead of sharing the wealth (letting it trickle down) they used it to buy Washington DC and rig the game even further in their favor.  Now it’s time we made them share.  Tax the wealthy, close loopholes in personal and corporate tax codes, end subsidies, break up monopolies, shorten the patent life-cycle, re-regulate the financial markets, and stop the wars.  In short, reverse everything the government has been doing at the behest of big business and wealthy individuals, a.k.a. their current owners.

Then, we spend the money where it is most needed — infrastructure, job training programs, and education at all levels.  Let’s turn our colleges into R&D centers where they can innovate entire new industries that will provide sustainable, good paying jobs.  Next, we focus on urban renewal.  I’ve recently moved to Portland, OR and have studied their vast, urban renewal programs.  What they have done here over the past 20 years is nothing short of miraculous!  For starters, they took a dilapidated, crime riddled warehouse district and transformed it into a neighborhood filled with high-end high rises replete with eco-friendly technologies, restaurants, and parks.  They took a rundown waterfront and converted it into beautiful green spaces that are now home to museums, open air markets, and much more.  These are just a few of the reasons why Portland consistently occupies the top of spot on nearly every list of green and livable cities.  Portland’s phenomenal successes could be replicated in any major city in the US with the proper funding and planning and would kick-start and drive its economy in a big way.

Now, please notice the difference in what I am suggesting.  These are long-term solutions.  Americans must accept that there are no quick fixes to our current financial crisis and as such, we must find a new breed of politician to send to Washington.  These current, self-serving despots (on both sides of the aisle) only think from here to their next election.  Instead, we need those willing to lay down the foundation for real, long term, sustainable prosperity.  Does your Representative or Senator fit that bill?  If not, RECALL THEM!  We need to start thinking about the prosperity of the next generation and quit worrying about our next fiscal “fix” because we let this happen on our watch.  It’s time to face facts folks.  You can’t close a gunshot wound with a band-aide, and that’s all that anyone in Washington is offering, be they on Capitol Hill or at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  We can and simply MUST do better.

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