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Doesn’t America deserve a choice worth making?

3 September 2012 One Comment

According to a Rasmussen Poll* taken on the last day of July, only 45% of voters are excited about the candidate they are voting for, while 46% of voters will be going to the polls to cast their vote for the lesser of two evils.  An equal DP/RP split in “excited” voters means that only 22.5% of each party’s base actually thinks that their guy will solve the massive problems our country now faces.  Conversely, 46% are of the opinion that whoever they are voting for is least likely to make matters worse.  As such, the time is right for a third party to rise to power.  So where is it?  Where is the party whose principles and policies could break the political stranglehold of the Big Two and what would their structure, principles, and strategies look like?   Here’s one man’s opinion.

First, their principle messaging would need to focus on breaking the unholy alliance between business and government that has brought us to the brink.  This would start with the way the party is run; how much money you take and from whom, how candidates are drafted, and the outright rejection of Super PACs.  Everything to show that you are above board and not in the pockets of special interests, as the Big Two clearly are.

Next up is policy, which you base on principles such as the demand for civil discourse, the promotion of FAIR competition, removing profit motive from governmental service, and total transparency in all matters.  That way people understand clearly why you do what you do.  Next, add in accountability, which no party does.  For example, we rid government of the practice of writing checks, walking away, and praying that things will work out.

And finally, you rid the national dialog of social issues by pushing them down to the state level where they belong so you can concentrate solely on bettering the national infrastructure that Nobel Prize Winner [economics] Joseph Stiglitz and many others say is the largest contributor to the increasing inequality in the United States.

President Bush left office with a 19% approval rating.  Enough said.  Despite what I believe were his best intentions, President Obama has not delivered on his promise for real change, and gives no one a reason to believe it would come in a second term.  Mitt Romney is spinning fairy tales, claiming that if we unleash the beast of capitalism that it will kindly help us sew, grow, and harvest the fruits of our labors when recent history has shown that it will surly devour 99% of us while further elevating those at the very top.  The Democrats and Republicans offer nothing but the lesser of two evils.  Isn’t it time The People had a choice worth making?


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